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Armalite AR10 Magazines In Stock


Armalite AR10 Magazines

Armalite AR10 Magazines

Armalite AR10 Magazines

In a rare occurrence these days Armalite Ar10 magazines in various capacities have become available to purchase. Brownells currently has stock of Armalite AR10 magazines 10 5 round, 10 round, 20 round and the holy grail 25 round capacities. Click here and get them while you can. Hopefully this is a sign of the magazine shortage coming to an end.


Armalite has announced the release of the AR-10A. The AR-10A accepts the original preban AR-10 waffle magazines as well as 3rd party magazines such as the MAGPUL LR20 PMAG. For those who don’t know Armalite moved away from the original AR-10 waffle magazines during the federal assault weapons ban. At that time Armalite moved to the readily available M14  magazines that with a slight modification functioned in the AR-10B. Over the years Armalite derived their own magazines as well as modified that platform to better suit the now standard magazines.

Over the years shooters complained that if they wanted an AR-10 they had to settle on the proprietary  magazines which were expensive and only manufactured by Armalite. In 2009-2010 as more weapon manufacturers began to develop and manufacture 308 AR weapons almost all settled on the original Stoner design AR-10 magazine. Along the same time line Magpul Industries released the LR20 308 PMAG. The 308 PMAG became a game changer at under $20 and shooters would select other brands over Armalite simply for the ability to use PMAGS.

Well here in 2012 you can have the best of both worlds an AR-10 that accepts PMAGS.

ARMALITE AR-10A - An AR-10 with PMAGS Standard

ARMALITE AR-10A - An AR-10 with PMAGS Standard

Armalite Opens Its 2011 Camp Perry Store

Armalite® Opens Its 2011 Camp Perry Store.


Armalite Opens Its 2011 Camp Perry Store

Armalite Opens Its 2011 Camp Perry Store

(Geneseo, IL) ArmaLite, (762AR.com) Inc is pleased to announce that it has opened its Camp Perry Store for the 2011 National Matches. Inside the store, shooters can find the high quality ArmaLite rifles, pistols and parts they’ve grown to expect from one of the finest manufacturers in the world.


This year ArmaLite will offer a wide range of special deals for both its dealers and retail customers. There will also be special pricing for members of the military and junior shooters. See the ArmaLite representatives at the store for specific details on pricing.


Armalite Opens Its 2011 Camp Perry Store

Armalite Opens Its 2011 Camp Perry Store

ArmaLite’s Camp Perry store will be open from July 11th through July 15th. It will re-open July 27th through August 14th. Daily hours are 10am to 6pm. The store is located on Commercial Row, Building 910B.


ArmaLite has one of the broadest product lines in the firearms industry. We manufacture and sell semiautomatic rifles in a variety of calibers including 5.56mm and 7.62mm, long range super-accurate bolt action rifles in calibers including .308 Winchester, 300 Winchester Magnum, 338 Lapua, and 50 BMG, and classic 9mm pistols.


This is one of my pet peeves. Guys go out and spend a $1000-$3500 of their hard earned cash getting their 308 AR just the way they like it. Then proceed to buy the cheapest possible ammunition they can find. Then they are surprised when the rifle wont function correctly.

Below is a scenario that plays out constantly in my inbox and forum.

Guy heads out to the range and is surprised when his shiny new rifle fails to function properly. He then bring the rifle home fiddle to with it, maybe get some opinions from friends or the internet and heads back to the range for more of the same. Inevitably either on his own or from gathering opinions the need to try an alternate ammunition become apparent. once again off to the range for more of the same. Now the shooter is angry that he spent all this money on a rifle that wont run. In anger he will call the weapon manufacturer tech support hotline. In most cases tech support will steer him to try a different magazine and maybe even another brand of ammunition. Back to the range and maybe the new magazine helped a little, small encouraging signs but the gun is basically a single shot. Back home and the shooter is livid back on the phone with the manufacturer for an RMA number. Two months later the gun will return with a note stating the chamber  was polished. Our excited shooter heads back to the range and the rifle still doesn’t function properly.

First off DPMS has gone so far as publish a list of AMMUNITION NOT TO USE IN ANY DPMS RIFLE INCLUDING THE LR-308.

Here is that list

Ammunition Warning

After extensive testing, we have found that only ammunition manufactured to SAAMI (Sporting Arms and Ammunition Manufacturers Institute) specifications is reliable in DPMS rifles. DPMS recommends the use of high quality, domestically produced ammunition for best results and highest accuracy. For plinking and practice, we recommend only domestic, commercially manufactured ammunition. Please note: the use of hand-loaded ammunition voids the factory warranty. The use of all ammunition listed below also voids the warranty.

We have incurred feeding problems with the following:

    • Israeli ammunition
    • Korean ammunition
    • Chilean ammunition
    • Portugese ammunition
    • PMP
    • South African produced surplus
    • Lacquer Coated Ammunition or Steel-cased, lacquer coated ammunition
    • Wolf
    • Norinco
    • Silver Bear
    • Any steel-cased (coated or non-coated) ammunition
  1. We have reviewed several reports, from several manufacturers’, regarding problems using this ammunition. The problem appears to be the bullet contour and the overall length of the cartridge, which is contacting the rifling before firing. This is creating a gas port pressure and chamber pressure higher than recommended, therefore causing feeding and extraction problems due to the increased bolt carrier velocity. In addition, there is accelerated fatigue on internal parts. There are also indications that brass may be out of spec, which could create an unsafe condition.

    We have used this ammunition in the past for testing purposes and found the brass is extremely soft and can “flow” into microscopic pores and grooves in the chamber creating “sticky” extraction. This has been reported in many types of rifles, but is more prevalent in semi-automatic weapons.

    The problem with this ammunition is that the lacquer coating on the case. As the barrel heats up, the lacquer turns to a soft, varnish substance and upon cool down, becomes very solid and difficult to remove. This effectively creates an undersized chamber and creates understandable problems.

Your rifle is an investment and it only makes sense to choose quality ammunition for a quality rifle!

My Opinion

First off should you really be surprised when an ammunition that costs 1/4 to 1/2 the price of domestic ammunition fails to function properly in a weapon? I think not. Secondly you can swap one inferior brand for another and expect the same result.

What’s the point of shooting this ammunition other than cost? It’s not accurate despite most internet reports to the contrary. It’s not consistent from one lot to the next. So even if you manage to get a good batch it’s no guarantee the next lot will be any good. The ammunition is dirty as hell and possibly corrosive unless you believe the print on the box. You cant stake your life on it in a SHTF situation.


I’m not saying you  need to run out and buy Federal Gold Medal Match but you need to use some common sense. For cheap 308 ammunition look to one of the generic domestics such as Federal American Eagle or Winchester USA. If that’s still to pricey the PRVI PARTIZAN brand offers excellent value and accuracy. Avoid anything that has an animal in it’s name.

I think DPMS sums it up in one sentence. Your rifle is an investment and it only makes sense to choose quality ammunition for a quality rifle!

Advice for a 308 AR that wont cycle properly

If your 308 AR is DPMS compatible the simplest way to verify your 308 AR functions properly is to buy a MAGPUL 308 PMAG and few boxes of premium ammunition. The PMAG eliminates the possibility of a magazine issue as they are nearly perfect and the premium ammunition will be clean burning and accurate which will help you get that new 308 AR broken in and functioning like a champ. If you have an Armalite omit the magazine as there are no alternatives.

Note: A new 308 AR needs a lot more lubrication then an AR-15. Put some Mobil 1 on the bolt carrier and bolt ot maybe even your favorite gun grease on the bolt lugs. The BCG should be almost dripping wet with oil for the first few hundred rounds.


After only a few short weeks my of waiting the MEGA ARMS MA-TEN 308 AR RECEIVER SET arrived exactly as scheduled. My first impressions out of the box is very good. The units have been manufactured and finished flawlessly.  The MEGA ARMS MA-TEN 308 AR RECEIVER SET will be used in the #3 308 AR build project at 308AR.com.








The newest edition of ArmaLite’s popular catalog is available on-line and in hard copy.

(Geneseo, IL) ArmaLite, Inc.®  is pleased to announce that its new 2011 catalog is now available on line here. The new catalog features the latest in ArmaLite’s fine quality firearms and accessories including many new third party items from top level manufacturers like MAGPUL and TRIJICON. You may also order a hard copy of the ArmaLite catalog by calling 800-336-0184 or by visiting Armalite and following the instructions.

Download the Armalite 2011 Catalog

About Armalite:

ArmaLite has one of the broadest product lines in the firearms industry. We manufacture and sell semiautomatic rifles in a variety of calibers including 5.56mm and 7.62mm, long range super-accurate bolt action rifles in calibers including .308 Winchester, .300 Winchester Magnum, .338 Lapua, and 50 BMG, and classic 9mm pistols. Visit us at www.armalite.com.

Battle Arms Development Inc – BAD ASS Ambidextrous Safety Selector AR-15 AR-10

Ambidextrous Safety Selector AR-15 AR-10

The Bad Ass Ambi Safety Selector is Oversized, Deeply Grooved Levers For Positive Operation With Either Hand.

Battle Arms Development Inc - BAD ASS Ambidextrous Safety Selector Specs

Battle Arms Development Inc - BAD ASS Ambidextrous Safety Selector Specs

Machined, heat-treated steel safety selector has oversized contact pads on both sides of the receiver for easy ambidextrous operation. Large surface area lets you manage the safety while wearing gloves, and eliminates fumbling in the dark. Pads are deeply grooved for an ultra-secure grip under stress or when hand is wet. Can be customized by positioning the larger pad on either side of the receiver or with the application of high-visibility paint. Mounting hardware included.

Battle Arms Development Inc - BAD ASS Ambidextrous Safety Selector AR-15 AR-10

Battle Arms Development Inc - BAD ASS Ambidextrous Safety Selector AR-15 AR-10

AR 308 Tools

308 AR Tools:

AR-10 DPMS LR-308 SR-25 AR 308 Specific Tools

Much like their smaller AR15 siblings these large bore AR rifles require very specific tools. Additionally theres more information at my other sites on basic gunsmithing tools and AR15 tools.

DPMS .308 Panther Receiver Claw


The “Claw” is the perfect armorer tool for holding all DPMS .308 upper receivers. Made of a solid one piece high strength polymer, the Claw is extremely durable. Simply clamp the Claw into a bench vise, slide the upper onto the Claw, secure with the two holding pins and begin installing your barrel and components.

308 Panther Receiver Claw Action Block

DPMS .308 Lower Receiver Vise Block – Action Block


The DPMS “308 Vise Block” is similar to an AR15 vise block. The plastic block is inserted and locked into the magwell like a magazine. The block is then firmly clamped in a vise. This is a must have item for working on lower receivers.

DPMS .308 Lower Receiver Vise Block - Action Block



This wrench will work with many AR-10,LR-308 and SR-25 free float handguards.

LR-308/AR-10 Free Float Wrench

PRI – AR-10 Barrel Nut Wrench


Heavy-duty wrench provides plenty of leverage for installing and removing barrel nuts when used with a 3/8″ or ½” drive breaker bar, socket wrench, or torque wrench. Cut from 3/8″ thick steel, with plenty of metal so it won’t flex under pressure while transferring the torque evenly to the nut. Models available for AR-15/M16 and ArmaLite® AR-10®.

AR-10 Barrel Nut Wrench

PRI Barrel Nut Wrench DPMS LR-308 (03-0086 ) – Same as the above except for the DPMS LR-308 barrel nut as well as many others.

ARRINGTON ACCURACY WORKS – AR-15/M16/AR-10/LR-308 Free-Float Handguard Strap Wrench

This is the best for working with free float handguard systems. Easily install or rmove your handguard without damaging the finish of the handguard.

Free-Float Handguard Strap Wrench

AR 308 Carbon Scraper

The carbon scraper Used for cleaning out the bolt recess.

308 AR Carbon Scraper

Barrel Nut Alignment Gauge

Not exactly 308 specific but this simple tool allows you to easily align the barrel nut gas tube hole and reciever gas tube hole while tightening the barrel nut.

AR 308 Gas Tube Wrench

This is a handy tool for holding and positioning a gas tube on the 308 AR or AR-15. One wrench serves both weapons

AR 308 AR-10 Triggers



For the most part standard AR-15 triggers will work in the large frame .308 AR pattern rifles. There are however a few considerations to think about.

SAFETY: The first and foremost consideration is safety. While you may be inclined to go for the light pull weight your accustomed to in your bolt rifles that type of trigger is not advisable with these heavy recoiling rifles. A pull that is to light can possibly cause the gun to fire in uncontrolled full auto which will be dangerous to you the shooter as well as those around you. Guns designed for full automatic fire have their fire control system timed to fire at a predetermined rate with the gun not firing until the bolt is locked in firing position. Uncontrolled automatic fire can result with the gun firing without the bolt locked in place essentially possibly causing the gun to blow up in the shooters hands. The most common recommendation I read is not to go lower than 4# and if possible use a two stage trigger.

TRIGGER FIT – INSTALLATION: As I mentioned in the first sentence most aftermarket AR15 triggers will work in the .308. There is one caveat though. Some triggers will require modification or interference with the bolt carrier will result. So with that in mind I suggest sticking with triggers that are designed for the .308AR and designated to do so from the trigger manufacturer. If you are unsure call the trigger manufacturer or seek the help of a qualified gunsmith.

Brownells has recently added a dedicated section of triggers specified to work in the 308AR Rifles and AR-10’s

Geissele Automatics, LLC .308 AR AR-10 Trigger

Geiselle triggers are the standard by which all other triggers are judged with regards to AR-15’s as well as the .308 AR’s and AR-10’s

Geissele Automatics, LLC .308Ar,AR-10 Trigger

Fully adjustable trigger gives a smooth, two-stage pull with a precise “icicle sharp” break and ultra-fast lock time to minimize accuracy loss caused by gun movement during trigger pull. Set first stage pull weight by bending the legs of the trigger spring; set second-stage weight within a pre-set range by turning its adjustment screw. Another screw on the trigger lets you adjust over travel for clean, crisp let off. Lightweight hammer provides a 50% reduction in lock time over factory hammer, yet uses standard weight hammer spring to ensure sufficient energy transfer for reliable primer ignition, even on AR-style .308 weapons. Trigger shoe is positioned 1/8″ farther forward than factory shoe for comfortable finger position during the squeeze. All contact surfaces are wire EDM cut to exact dimensions for full, precise engagement free of unwanted play. Available to fit both large (.169″) and small (.154″) pin receivers; small pin models include spare hammer pin to aid in proper fit on receivers with slightly oversized holes. Service model provides nominal 4½ lb. pull weight required for NRA High Power Service Rifle competition and is also approved for CMP-sanctioned competitions. Most of the pull weight is loaded on the first stage, followed by a quick, clean second-stage break. First stage, 3.2 to 5 lb.; second stage, ½ to 1½ lb. Match model allows a very low combined pull weight for superb trigger control on highly modified raceguns used in unlimited NRA High Power Rifle competition. Helps you shave those extra hundredths of an inch from your groups for a competitive edge. First stage, 1.3 to 3 lbs.; second stage, 4 oz. to 14 oz. Designated Marksman Rifle (DMR) model combines the light first stage of the Match trigger with the heavier Service second stage to reduce risk of premature release in high stress situations. Perfect for precision tactical and competitive shooting where trigger pull is not regulated. Allows a high rate of semi-auto fire; an experienced shooter can fire 30 rounds in as little as 4½ seconds. First stage, 1.3 to 3 lbs.; second stage, ½ to 1½ lbs.

JP Enterprises .308 AR Trigger

These triggers are very popular and well respected. DPMS recommends and offers these triggers as an option on their LR-308 and SASS rifles

Easy-to-fit replacement for factory trigger is fully adjustable for engagement and over travel, and is available with pull weight as light as 3.5 lbs. Redesigned sear geometry and advanced metallurgy result in a precision-ground sear edge that delivers a precise, consistent let off. and prevents the kind of wear that causes doubling and other problems. Extremely short reset enables fast follow-up shots, a critical advantage on tactical and competition rifles. Machined to exceptionally tight tolerances from hardened steel, and installs in minutes with no permanent alterations to the rifle. Models to fit small (.154″) and large (.169″) pin receivers. Standard pull weight is between 3 and 3.5 lbs.—perfect for competition and recreational shooting. Tactical pull weight is between 3.5 and 4 lbs. for applications demanding a high level of ignition reliability, including police/military use, mil-spec ammunition with hard primers, and in AR-style .308 rifles. Adjustable Trigger Kit lets you install J.P. trigger components while keeping your factory or aftermarket hammer and pins. Disconnector spring, engagement screw, and over travel screw are already installed; also includes disconnector, trigger return spring, hammer spring, and .050″ hex key. Use with J.P. Enterprises Speed Hammer for best performance. Fire Control Package contains contents of the Kit, plus low-mass J.P. Speed Hammer for faster lock time and two anti-walk pins with button head cap screws for easy removal and reinstallation of trigger system when making adjustments.

JP Enterprises .308 AR Trigger

SPECS: Steel, parkerized finish. Models for rifles with either .154” (military and current aftermarket) or .169” (current Colt) diameter trigger pins. Measure your pins and select the correct kit. Includes complete instructions and a CD-ROM with 35-minute video showing step-by-step installation.

JP Rifles has more information and instructional videos here

Timney 308 AR Trigger

This Timney trigger is a true self-contained, 100% drop-in ready upgrade that will change the way you think about AR triggers forever. Comes with a factory 4 pound pull, this trigger can be installed in minutes without any gunsmithing, fitting or adjustment required. The trigger makes use of your rifle’s original hammer/trigger pins, due to its proprietary design the trigger eliminates pin rotation and walkout. The solid, straight design of the trigger shoe is great for competitive events, helping the shooter pull the trigger straight back to the rear without influencing the rifle’s alignment with the target. The housing is machined from lightweight 6061 T6 alloy which is anodized for superior durability. The hammer is EDM machined from S7 tool steel and features a Nickel coating which helps deliver the exceptionally smooth, crisp single-stage pull. The other components of the trigger are EDM cut from A2 tool steel, then heat treated to Rc 56-60.

Timney 308 AR Trigger



Rock River Arms National Match 2 Stage Trigger

Th RRA NM is one of te most common and best bang for the buck triggers for any AR-10, LR-308 and AR-15 rifle

Drop-in, match grade trigger provides a crisp, 4½ to 5 lb., 2-stage, trigger pull to improve accuracy for competition or varmint shooting. Sear engagement point is located behind the hammer to reduce pull weight. Low mass hammer speeds lock time. Includes trigger and hammer pins. Fits AR-15 receivers with .154″ hammer and trigger pins.

Rock River Arms National Match 2 Stage Trigger

SPECS: Steel, matte black finish. Fits AR-15 receivers with .154″ hammer/trigger pins only.

Jewell AR Trigger


American Trigger Corp SR Gold Trigger System


Visit American Trigger Corp

American trigger Corp SR Gold Trigger System

Jard AR-10 DPMS LR-308 AR Trigger

Proven, single-stage design greatly improves trigger feel and function so you can concentrate on your shots instead of a stiff, factory trigger pull. Sear engagement point behind the hammer provides added leverage for a clean-breaking, 2, 3, or 4 lb. pull weight. Sear and disconnector engagement, overtravel and safety movement adjustments allow fine-tuning for ultimate crispness and less stress on parts. Engagement surfaces are precision-ground and honed to minimize drag, then heat-treated to prevent wear. Includes hard striking, low mass hammer to reduce locktime.

Jard AR-10 LR-308 AR Trigger


Heavy Duty Trigger Replacement For AR Type .308 & AR Rifles

The Iron Ridge Arms Model II AR Trigger is manufactured as a heavy duty replacement for the ArmaLite AR-10, DPMS, LAR 308 and standard AR-15 designs. This trigger features a wide finger pad, dual springs and is manufactured from fully hardened A2 steel. It also features a 4-4.5 pound factory trigger pull.


Trigger Jobs

There’s a few gunsmiths that specialize in trigger jobs for black rifles. Below is a list of those that come highly recommended by fellow shooters



PWS Enhanced Mil-Spec Buffer Tube for the AR-15/AR-10 Series Rifles. Fully supports carrier from closed to open.



The PWS Enhanced Buffer Tube is the first major upgrade and improvement to the buffer tube in years!
This one piece billet buffer tube is CNC machined out of solid 7075 aluminum in order to gain lightweight strength and reliability.  This unit is specifically designed to work fit the HK416, but will also fit all mil-spec lower receivers.
The Enhanced Buffer Tube will resolve any carrier tilt symptoms exhibited by a short stroke piston AR and will reduce felt recoil.
The most notable features on this buffer tube include:
  1. One piece construction eliminating the castle nut and ensuring that when installed, the buffer tube cannot become loose.
  2. Attachment system automatically indexes the buffer tube perfectly straight.
  3. The bottom of the interior buffer tube extends a lip into the receiver, supporting the bottom rear of the bolt carrier, reducing the carrier tilt present in some piston systems.
  4. A dead blow buffer is securely installed in the rear of the buffer tube to reduce carrier speed by an average of 10%, and dramatically reduce felt recoil.
  5. Two QD sling swivel attachments are machined into the front of the buffer tube allowing ambidextrous connection of your QD slings.
  6. The buffer tube is fluted to allow debris to be pushed out of the way, and a drain hole has been placed in the bottom of the tube, allowing for draining of water when the rifle is parallel to the ground.