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AR 308 FIXED A2 STOCK for AR-10 DPMS LR-308


A2 Stock for AR-10, DPMS LR-308 and Similar AR 308 Rifles

A2 Stock for AR-10, DPMS LR-308 and Similar AR 308 Rifles

Selecting the proper buttstock parts for an AR-15 can be confusing in it’s own right to guys who like to work on their own rifles. Now go and add the AR-15’s add it’s big brother the non milspec  AR 308 such as the ARMALITE AR-10 or DPMS LR-308 and there’s confusion and disinformation at every turn. Frustrating to say the least.  Here at we will slowly plug away at all these little details. Todays subject is the FIXED A2 BUTTSTOCK (or STOCK) and how it applies to the AR 308.

Item 1

Milspec or Commercial does not apply to the full length BUFFER TUBE

Item 2

The Buffer Tube is also referred to as Lower Receiver Extension Tube, Stock Extension Tube, Buffer Tube an other names I have probably missed

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AR-15 and AR 308 Rifles use the same Buffer Tubes

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308 AR Collapsible Buttstocks and Rifle (Full Length  Buttstocks) DO NOT USE THE SAME BUFFERS AND SPRINGS. Just like their AR-15 counterparts.


When selecting a full length fixed A2 stock for an AR-10, DPMS LR-308 or other AR 308 you must select the appropriate Buffer Tube, Buffer and Buffer Spring .

Browsing Brownells website I found the following parts that visitors might find useful


For those who want to buy it all in one shot Brownells offers a complete 308 AR BUTTSTOCK KIT here.



Accu-Wedge Effect On Accuracy

Does an ACCU-WEDGE Improve Accuracy in an AR-15 or 308 AR?

That question has started many spirited debates on many shooting forums and websites and naturally I have opinion too.

There are two sides to this argument. The first states that the barrel and the sighting system are all on the same plane and on the same part, the upper receiver. Therefore it does not matter what the relationship between upper and lower receivers is. The other simply states they see improved accuracy after installing the ACCU-WEDGE.

Here’s my thought on the subject. Any play in the weapon system mating of the upper and lower receiver will prevent a weapon from shooting to it’s best potential. The weapon is typically held in place at two points while shooting. Whether off hand or with a bipod.

In an offhand scenario your holding the handguard/forearm with one hand while holding the pistol grip with the other. As you begin to depress the trigger it is quite conceivable that your grip will influence the receiver relationship as you fire, possibly moving the sights off target in the milliseconds before the trigger breaks.

With a bipod there’s likely less of a chance for the play to influence your shot but it’s still possible. Imagine as your watching the target,controlling your breathing and depressing the trigger the force of your hand on the pistol grip is causing you to wobble around in the slop zone. You could easily nudge the sights off target a few thousandths at the moment of firing.

So do I think it improves accuracy? No, The ACCU-WEDGE merely allows the weapon to fire stably as thought it is one solid unit and not to halves loosely mated together.

I say for $5 install the ACCU-WEDGE. It can only help and it certainly cant hurt.

Eliminating Receiver Play in Your 308 AR – Accu-Wedge

So you gut your shiny brand new DPMS LR-308 home from the gun shop. You love everything about it except one thing. The upper and lower receiver have slop just like all of your AR-15’s.  So you think to yourself “on my AR-15’s I usually by those fancy adjustable pins or I cheap out and get an Accu-Wedge” but this is a BIG AR in .308 this must require something much more sophisticated or something bigger. Well guess what? The Accu-Wedge works in the DPMS LR-308. In fact the factory suggests it and sells it as. Fulton Armory also sells a device called the Accu-Wedge on their 308 Titan pages. See a pattern here?

Note:If you decide to install an Accu-Wedge in your 308 AR you might have to trim it a little to fit.


Accu-Wedge Fits AR-15's and DPMS LR-308 Rifles