Eliminating Receiver Play in Your 308 AR – Accu-Wedge

So you gut your shiny brand new DPMS LR-308 home from the gun shop. You love everything about it except one thing. The upper and lower receiver have slop just like all of your AR-15’s.  So you think to yourself “on my AR-15’s I usually by those fancy adjustable pins or I cheap out and get an Accu-Wedge” but this is a BIG AR in .308 this must require something much more sophisticated or something bigger. Well guess what? The Accu-Wedge works in the DPMS LR-308. In fact the factory suggests it and sells it as. Fulton Armory also sells a device called the Accu-Wedge on their 308 Titan pages. See a pattern here?

Note:If you decide to install an Accu-Wedge in your 308 AR you might have to trim it a little to fit.


Accu-Wedge Fits AR-15's and DPMS LR-308 Rifles

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