Armalite has announced the release of the AR-10A. The AR-10A accepts the original preban AR-10 waffle magazines as well as 3rd party magazines such as the MAGPUL LR20 PMAG. For those who don’t know Armalite moved away from the original AR-10 waffle magazines during the federal assault weapons ban. At that time Armalite moved to the readily available M14  magazines that with a slight modification functioned in the AR-10B. Over the years Armalite derived their own magazines as well as modified that platform to better suit the now standard magazines.

Over the years shooters complained that if they wanted an AR-10 they had to settle on the proprietary  magazines which were expensive and only manufactured by Armalite. In 2009-2010 as more weapon manufacturers began to develop and manufacture 308 AR weapons almost all settled on the original Stoner design AR-10 magazine. Along the same time line Magpul Industries released the LR20 308 PMAG. The 308 PMAG became a game changer at under $20 and shooters would select other brands over Armalite simply for the ability to use PMAGS.

Well here in 2012 you can have the best of both worlds an AR-10 that accepts PMAGS.

ARMALITE AR-10A - An AR-10 with PMAGS Standard

ARMALITE AR-10A - An AR-10 with PMAGS Standard

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