Midwest Industries MI-10 Announced

Midwest Industries has recently announced the addition of a .308 AR rifle line to their existing selection of quality production firearms. The MI-10 is currently available with a 16” barrel configuration, but plans are currently in the works to add an 18” and 20” model.

The new MI-10 will incorporate a Criterion-manufactured 416R stainless steel barrel with a salt bath nitride surface finish for extended barrel life and added corrosion resistance. 16” and 18” variants will feature a 1-10 twist, while the 20” model will come standard with a 1-11 twist rate. Each rifle will feature CBI’s M118 LR chamber, giving shooters the option to use both .308 Win and 7.62×51 NATO ammunition. The M118 LR chamber incorporates a slightly longer throat than the SAAMI .308 Win design, allowing shooters to effectively run loads with heavier bullet weights.

Weighing in at a respectable 8.5 lbs unloaded, the MI-10 features Magpul furniture and a Midwest Industries floated handguard. The MSRP for these rifles is listed at $1,699, but they will be available for purchase from Midwest at an introductory rate of $1,599. A small selection of the 16” MI-10 rifles are currently available for local purchase from the Midwest Industries Waukesha showroom. The full web release is still pending, but the rifles should be available for purchase from www.midwestindustriesinc.com shortly.