Brownells is finally begining to pay greater attention to the 308 AR market and I am pleased to report they have begun selling Fulton Armory 308 AR Barrels. For visitors who don’t know the Fulton Armory 308 AR barrels are made from Krieger blanks. Now these arent the $700 match Kriegers but in the hands of most shooters they wont know the difference. These are spectacular barrels, Just ask anyone who owns a Fulton Armory Titan 308.


Fulton Armory 308 AR Barrel

Fulton Armory 308 AR Barrel

Here is some specs:

  • 1×10 twist rate
  • 5/8×24 threaded muzzle
  • Includes receiver extension
  • Lightweight Contour – 18.5” long, .750″ diameter at gas block, chrome moly steel, chrome lined bore, Black parkerized finish
  • Medium contour – National match barrel. Available in 16” or 18.5” lengths, .936” diameter at gas block, stainless steel, provides weight savings & rigidity.

Check out the barrels here.

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